Oven Gran Vía 55

The Gran Vía 55 gastronomic space mixes past, present and future to create a fluid architectural journey through time. The studio Singular Project has taken the influence of romanticism and the artistic movements of the late 19th century for the design of this place.

The result is a space with 1,300 square meters that houses three independent restaurants. In a world where efficiency is prioritized over quality, it is crucial that materials and aesthetics to settle in their environment. That’s why durability and strength stand out over the transience of modern life. Iron, glass and reinforced concrete – despite being industrial or “cold” elements – are successfully mixed in a space of warmth and sophistication that pays tribute to the artistic movements that serve as a source of inspiration.

This innovative project is not limited to being a simple restaurant but represents a space that transcends the barriers of time and tradition. Oven Gran Vía 55 is an invitation to explore a visually stunning universe, where the fusion of styles and the careful selection of details create a unique gastronomic experience, anchored in history but projected into the future.


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