Design for a better future: Ferrcos visits the Florim facilities together with professionals from the sector

Last week, Ferrcos and Florim had the pleasure of organizing an exclusive trip to Fiorano Modenese (MO) and Venice with several professionals from the architecture, interior design and construction sectors. This trip not only allowed us to immerse ourselves in the incomparable beauty of the region, but also to get up close and personal with Florim’s latest collections, which come to life in its impressive facilities. We also had the opportunity to visit the new 4.0 large format machining plant, which was created with the aim of becoming a Carbon Zero plant.

During the visit, we were able to appreciate first-hand the innovation and quality that characterize Florim’s products, which reaffirms our confidence in their ability to offer first-class architectural solutions.

This trip was an excellent opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with leading professionals in architecture, interior design and construction. We were accompanied by representatives of the companies Vives Pons, Néstor Marcos Architecture, Singular Studio, Jaume Pastor Interiorismo, Sergio Tomás Arquitectos and Font Moraira. The interaction in an inspiring environment like Venice allowed us to generate new ideas and synergies for future common projects.

In addition to our visit to Florim, we also had the privilege of visiting the 4 Madonne cheese factory and discovering the magnificent Villa Coccapani, a unique enclave. Already in Venice, we were able to visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. This iconic museum, with its impressive collection of modern art, added a cultural and enriching touch to our trip, making this experience truly unforgettable.

At Ferrcos, we greatly value these opportunities to connect with professionals, customers and partners, and we are eager to continue exploring new ways of collaboration and joint growth.

Thank you to everyone who made this special trip possible!


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