High Traffic Pavements

Aesthetics and resistance

Thanks to its technical characteristics, and also its aesthetic features, high-traffic porcelain has been designed for use in areas with extreme breakage and maintenance demands. This type of flooring is optimal for large commercial areas (supermarkets, hypermarkets), hospitals, educational centres, or airports.

Its features include:

  • Resistance to water, humidity, and frost.
  • Resistance to sudden temperature changes.
  • Resistance to bending with fixed and static loads.
  • Resistance to impact, abrasion, and scratching.
  • Resistance to wear due to high-traffic and rolling under moving loads.
  • Chemical and stain resistance.
  • Fire-resistant
  • Various non-slip finishes
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection



At Ferrcos we are aware of the importance of correct installation to preserve its technical characteristics, which is why our sales department offers installation manuals, as well as training in collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesives and complementary products. In addition, we offer technical assistance on site in order to advise on the installation of our products and a list of approved installers.

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