More than 50 years of experience give for much… in this section you can find some of the projects we have worked on and that reflect the ability of Ferrcos to provide a solution to any idea. From hotels, restaurants looking cosy and functional atmosphere; public works that demand durability and design; businesses that require visual impact or residential projects that seek the perfect fusion of form and function.

Ferrcos’ commitment to excellence is reflected in each collaboration, where we have worked hand in hand with visionary architects and interior designers to materialize their concepts and create surfaces that not only meet high aesthetic standards, but also durability and functionality. Thanks to our collaboration with our customers, we adapt to the technical and aesthetic requirements of each project to achieve results such as those you can see below.

Latest projects

Oven Bernabéu Restaurant

The Oven Bernabéu restaurant designed by interior architect Pablo Roig, combines Italian tradition and contemporary revision. Roig has taken advantage of the L-shaped distribution already

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Xipe Restaurant

The new Xipe restaurant in Madrid takes its name from the Mexican deity of agriculture, goldsmith and corn and has served as a source of

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Oven Gran Vía 55

The Gran Vía 55 gastronomic space mixes past, present and future to create a fluid architectural journey through time. The studio Singular Project has taken

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