Serie IlbagnoAlessi

The Ilbagnoalessi sanitary collection, designed by Stefano Giovannoni, has recently undergone an innovative transformation, becoming one of the most emblematic expressions of Laufen. This redesign introduces the advanced Saphirkeramik material, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the collection.

Saphirkeramik, a ceramic material developed by Laufen, has redefined the possibilities of bathroom design by offering a unique combination of lightness, strength, and sophisticated aesthetics. This technological innovation has allowed Ilbagnoalessi to maintain its distinctive elegance of rounded and oval shapes, while achieving a notable weight reduction and greater thinness of the edges.

This update with Saphirkeramik not only represents a structural improvement, but also introduces a range of new colors and finishes that further enrich the aesthetic versatility of the collection. This collection redefines the bathroom experience by offering a harmonious combination of timeless shapes and innovative technology, consolidating it as a leading choice for those seeking the perfect balance between design and performance at the heart of their home.


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