Aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency

Aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency. taps are becoming more and more important in bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to their innovative designs they can bring a distinctive and elegant touch to these rooms. These pieces are transformed into decorative elements that enhance the general aesthetics of your bathroom or kitchen. Whether you are looking for modern lines, classic elegance, or cutting-edge functionality, at Ferrcos you will find the variety needed to satisfy your specific preferences and requirements. Therefore, we put at your disposal a large catalogue of national and international brands to get the taps that best suit your project.

New collections

Time by Barber&Orgerby

The new Time collection is the result of the exceptional collaboration between Mutina and the acclaimed design studio Barber&Osgerby. This series celebrates the essence of

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Jacqueline by Gessi

La nueva y cautivadora colección de grifería Jacqueline de Gessi redefine los límites del diseño inspirándose en la belleza natural del bambú. En un homenaje a la

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