Ceramic Tiles

Versatility, strength, and aesthetics

Ceramics are an ideal material for any application, from building facades, high-traffic commercial areas, outdoor spaces and of course, interiors. Ceramic is a completely natural, safe, and hygienic material made from water and clay. This makes ceramic cladding a sustainable, recyclable, durable and energy efficient option.

At Ferrcos we have a wide catalogue of ceramic flooring and wall coverings with a wide variety of formats and finishes to provide a solution to any of your projects.

Among those options are large-format porcelain stoneware slabs, which have become essential in recent years. They offer an aesthetic finish thanks to small width joints that help create a continuous surface image. Their low thickness and easy installation and maintenance make them ideal for all types of surfaces.

Nuevas colecciones

Time by Barber&Orgerby

The new Time collection is the result of the exceptional collaboration between Mutina and the acclaimed design studio Barber&Osgerby. This series celebrates the essence of

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Pure Stone by Margres

The Pure Stone full body porcelain stoneware line by Margres is a selection of four different natural stones, carefully developed to achieve a chromatic and

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