Oven Bernabéu Restaurant

The Oven Bernabéu restaurant designed by interior architect Pablo Roig, combines Italian tradition and contemporary revision. Roig has taken advantage of the L-shaped distribution already existing in the premises on Concha Espina Avenue to create a space functionally divided into two areas: the bar area and the lounge area.

The materials in a perfect classic-contemporary combination, stand out for the nobility of their character: red Alicante marble on the bar, used without any artifice to let the vein and color express themselves strongly; Italian paladin terrazzo on the floor, providing a graphic touch to the spatial ensemble, and natural oak, which expands through the space playing with architecture and flowing through the furniture, designed and manufactured by local artisans. On the other hand, the matt color on the walls provides uniformity, darkness, elegance, and rhythm, in contrast with the brightness and texture of the tile designed and manufactured exclusively by Ferrcos for the project, and with the vegetation in the form of dry cereals – connected to the origin of Italian cuisine – is the natural material chosen to give privacy inside.

Seeking to create a general feeling of tranquillity and serenity, in addition to installing an acoustic ceiling that reduces and softens the internal noise of the restaurant, Pablo Roig has used decorative lighting to create areas of darkness and areas of focused light, using designed lamps ad-hoc for the project that again maintain a harmonious conceptual dialogue that combines the traditional Italian taste for glass with the contemporary vision of forms.

Photographs: Daniel Schäfer


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