Xipe Restaurant

The new Xipe restaurant in Madrid takes its name from the Mexican deity of agriculture, goldsmith and corn and has served as a source of inspiration for Dichoso Estudio for the design of this project. You can see how wheat plays a leading role in the design of the space.

From Dichoso they explain that Xipe has 2 floors, a street floor with 82m2 of living room and 18m2 of kitchen and a basement of 31m3, where bathrooms and warwhouses are located. Taking into consideration that the premises were going to offer 2 types of services, one a little more informal like snacking and another more formal, the space was distributed into two different areas.

In this project, the use of natural and artisanal materials such as triangular-shaped clay – supplied by Ferrcos – used on the floor of the first entrance area to the restaurant, sand colored cements for the floor of the upper floor – this change of materials in floors help to continue materially distinguishing the 2 spaces that make up the restaurant, the informal from the formal – pebble stone used to cover the 2 arcades that separate the 2 areas of the premises, which provides an artisanal feel, black plasters in their more natural finish to cover walls where seek to escape the uniformity, marking the artisanal hand of man, as well as, garnet tile to cover the front of the bar that gives this neutral space a touch of color. All this mixed with the green of Mexico’s own cacti, wooden furniture such as tables, leather chairs, typical of Mexico, as well as rattan chairs, lamps designed and manufactured to measure from natural fabrics, macramé tapestries, wooden beads curtains and ethnic upholstery such as stripes, flowers, with colors, decoration from candles, wooden goat heads, a large hand woven natural jute carpet, goldsmith lamps… that lead us to that Mexican and artisan universe.

The chromatic base of the establishment is neutral, created from an interior architecture of earthy colors, terracotta and broken white, which break with garnets, greens, oranges… present in upholstery, furniture, and other decoration. The use of this range of colors, open spaces and light become an integral element of this emotional interior design project.

Photos: Pablo Gómez Ogando


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