Time by Barber&Orgerby

The new Time collection is the result of the exceptional collaboration between Mutina and the acclaimed design studio Barber&Osgerby. This series celebrates the essence of time and the evolution of ceramics over the years. Inspired by the rich history and craftsmanship of ceramics, Time’s design fuses traditional elements with a contemporary approach. This collection is […]

Long Stick new collection

Don’t miss the new Long Stick collection. Tiles in 2x45cm format arranged in meshes of six pieces with a size of 13×45 centimetres. This is an elongated and slender format with straight edges and a strong colour contrast between the pieces that makes it an ideal piece for creating vintage, rustic and industrial-style ambiences, bringing […]

Pure Stone by Margres

The Pure Stone full body porcelain stoneware line by Margres is a selection of four different natural stones, carefully developed to achieve a chromatic and aesthetic balance, allowing to obtain surfaces with an extremely natural and elegant look. At the base of this product is the natural stone San Vicente, originating from the South of […]

Advantages of renovating your pool with porcelain stoneware

If you are thinking of renovating your pool to give it a more modern look, now is the ideal time to have it ready before summer arrives! One of the best options to renew your pool is to opt for porcelain stoneware for both the coating of the pool and the surrounding space. Why choose […]

Geometric patterns

The mid-century aesthetic and the graphic shapes and patterns inspired by the 1970s will continue to be a trend in interior design throughout 2024. As the Habitat Observatory of the Institute of Ceramic Technology points out, what it has called ‘ Take Memory’ trend recovers the designs of the past with a contemporary and urban […]

Ceramic Lattices

Ceramic lattices have emerged as a prominent trend in the interior design world, offering a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. These perforated structures allow be divided spaces subtly, creating a visual separation without compromising the entrance of natural light. The versatility of ceramic lattices lies not only in their ability to delimit areas, but […]

Raku by Equipe

Explore elegance and sophistication with Equipe’s new Raku tile series. Inspired by traditional Japanese pottery, this collection captures the essence of refined craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Equipe’s Raku series, available in two different formats (10×10 cm / 6×18.6 cm) and six captivating colors, presents a perfect fusion between ancient craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. An essential […]

Serie KAO by Mirage

The natural harmony of oak and the technical advantages of porcelain stoneware. Mirage’s KAO collection offers a new perspective on the beauty and versatility of traditional wooden floors. From the texture to the selection of knots and veins, to the delicately waxed surface, each element has been faithfully reproduced with meticulous attention to preserve its […]

Ona by Dsignio

Harmony’s ONA BY DSIGNIO ceramic cladding collection has been designed to capture the beauty and hypnotic rhythm of sea waves. Dsignio has been inspired by the way waves bond together to create a cladding that conveys harmony and serenity of moving water. Dsignio is a product design studio located in Madrid. It was founded in […]