Geometric patterns

The mid-century aesthetic and the graphic shapes and patterns inspired by the 1970s will continue to be a trend in interior design throughout 2024. As the Habitat Observatory of the Institute of Ceramic Technology points out, what it has called ‘ Take Memory’ trend recovers the designs of the past with a contemporary and urban aesthetic.

In this trend, graphics are as important as color. Repetitive patterns such as stripes, wavy lines or different geometric shapes stand as protagonists in this trend creating a sense of movement and rhythm. Also take special spaces designed in color block, ie proposals that are based on the use of solid colors with the aim of achieving a more minimalist or sophisticated result.

As for the colors of this trend, they highlight the soft greens, the medium blues or the pale tones that accompany and match the geometric motifs.

Ceramic flooring with geometric motifs not only transforms the floor, but also elevates the atmosphere of the entire room. Whether in the living room, kitchen or bathroom, these patterns add a distinctive touch that captures attention and awakens creativity. This resurgence of retro patterns has conquered the interior design scene, bringing with it an explosion of creativity and a nostalgic nod to an era full of color and vitality.


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