Serie KAO by Mirage

The natural harmony of oak and the technical advantages of porcelain stoneware. Mirage’s KAO collection offers a new perspective on the beauty and versatility of traditional wooden floors. From the texture to the selection of knots and veins, to the delicately waxed surface, each element has been faithfully reproduced with meticulous attention to preserve its deep connection to its source of inspiration.

With color variations inspired by oak, KAO exudes a sense of naturalness and opacity that simulates the authenticity of natural wood. Its double soul “IN&OUT” makes it unique. Indoors, it expresses all the warmth of wood, while outdoors, in the EVO_2/ETM version, it fuses the look of wood with the durability of porcelain stoneware. In this way, KAO achieves a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor spaces, resulting in the ideal “total look.”

Available in eight color shades and three different formats.


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