Pure Stone by Margres

The Pure Stone full body porcelain stoneware line by Margres is a selection of four different natural stones, carefully developed to achieve a chromatic and aesthetic balance, allowing to obtain surfaces with an extremely natural and elegant look.

At the base of this product is the natural stone San Vicente, originating from the South of Spain, the classic French Limestone and the Billiemi marble, from the region of Sicily.

The Pure Stone range is also available in laminated stoneware, with a thickness of 6mm, and dimensions that go up to 3 metres by 1 metre, which represents a great advantage, allowing its application not only in flooring and cladding, but also in furniture and complements such as worktops, kitchens or doors. In addition, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces, making possible designs with aesthetic continuity between ambiences.

It is available in up to nine formats that go from pieces measuring 30×60 centimetres to slabs measuring 100×300 and six different shades. In addition, special pieces such as steps, grilles or skirting boards are also available to ensure an optimal finish.


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