PB kitchen project

This kitchen project is the result of detailed work where each element has been designed thinking especially in the space to achieve a kitchen that integrates the exterior and interior environments of the house.

The FINE model of Santos Cocinas has been chosen with the interior in graphene. One of the highlights of this project is the customization. The customer has selected a special lacquered tone for the doors, grooves and skirting board, using the RAL card. This decision not only adds an exclusive touch, but also ensures perfect integration with the surrounding space.

In addition, a custom coffee area made of natural wood has been incorporated, which becomes one of the hallmarks of this kitchen. This element not only adds warmth and naturalness to the atmosphere, but also provides a cozy and functional space to enjoy relaxing moments in the mornings or at any time of the day.

As for appliances, the BORA induction hob with integrated extraction system has been chosen. This choice not only ensures exceptional performance in the kitchen, but also contributes to a clean, minimalist aesthetic by removing the visual barriers of a traditional suspended hood. The open concept layout of this kitchen facilitates communication between the interior and exterior of the house, making it a central and welcoming element of the house.


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