Línea 10 Metrovalencia

The construction of Metrovalencia Line 10 has been a milestone in the mobility of the city of Valencia. Ferrcos has had the pleasure of supplying the materials in the construction of this public infrastructure by the UTE Copcisa-Vialobra, the winner of this project.

In close collaboration with the Copcisa-Vialobra UTE, we have ensured that the materials supplied meet the highest technical standards required for this type of spaces. The combination of practicality, safety and aesthetics has been paramount in the design and implementation of the materials, ensuring their functionality and durability in a high-traffic public environment.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to this significant milestone for the city and reaffirm our shared commitment to excellence in the implementation of major infrastructure projects. The combination of Ferrcos’ experience and the expert execution of the Copcisa-Vialobra UTE has been key to the success of Metrovalencia Line 10.



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