Saludent Dental Clinic

The remodelling project of this dental clinic has perfectly combined with the careful aesthetic with the specific needs of a health centre. That is why the choice of materials has been key for a final result at the height.

The design concept has focused on the combination of white and blue colors, which evoke sensations of cleanliness, serenity, and clarity. These shades have been used strategically in floors, coatings and sanitary, not only to follow a harmonious aesthetic, but also to facilitate hygiene, essential aspect in a dental clinic.

That is why floors and coatings not only fulfill its aesthetic function but are also designed to provide easy and efficient cleaning, ensuring a flawless clinical environment. As for the toilets, the white and blue colors have been maintained to maintain visual coherence throughout the space. The consultations have been equipped with taps in matt white tone, which integrate perfectly with the countertops and sinks of the same tone.

The result is a harmonious space, which responds to the technical needs of its use as a dental clinic, and which also has a careful and functional style.



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