Advantages of technical porcelain tiles

Technical porcelain stands out for its exceptional performance in demanding conditions, which is why it is an ideal pavement for high traffic areas such as airports, supermarkets, or educational centres.

The essence of all mass technical porcelain lies in its unique composition. Unlike conventional porcelain stoneware, each tile consists entirely of the same raw material. This homogeneity not only manifests on the visible surface but permeates the entire body of the tile. The result is a homogeneous compact that gives the product a uniform aesthetic and much greater resistance and durability.

Outstanding technical features include water, humidity, and frost resistance; resistance to sudden temperature changes; resistance to bending with fixed and static loads; resistance to impact, abrasion, and scratching; resistance to wear from heavy traffic and rolling with moving loads; chemical and stain resistance; fireproof property; and the availability of different non-slip finishes. In addition, it is an easy to clean surface that offers resistance to stains, something that facilitates its maintenance. All these features make this type of flooring a perfect option for commercial surfaces or public spaces.


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