Goldenwalls by Inkiostro Bianco

The Goldenwall vinyl wallpaper collection by Inkiostro Bianco redefines interior decoration by fusing elegance and sophistication in an exceptional way. The proposal of a base in yellow and rose gold versions constitutes a precious canvas, completed by an overlay of graphic elements inspired by nature, from complex geometries to more fluid forms. This union between the base and the graphic elements gives rise to iridescent nuances, creating a captivating atmosphere thanks to the brilliance of gold. With ten unique designs and a palette of 17 colors, Goldenwall offers essential versatility in contemporary decoration.

Beyond its fascinating aesthetics, vinyl papers have practical advantages. Its durability and resistance to humidity make it an ideal option for different environments, from living rooms to bathrooms. In addition, its easy maintenance facilitates cleaning and ensures that the beauty of Goldenwall lasts over time without compromising quality.

The collection, by fusing nature with innovation, transcends conventional decorative barriers, taking spaces to a new dimension of sophistication and style.


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