Delphina Restaurant

On the Golden Mile of the Madrid capital, the Delphina Café-Restaurant was born. A tribute to the Parisian cafes of the happy 1920s, where writers, artists and politicians influenced by the Art Deco current met for enjoyment. Located at number 84 Serrano Street, we find a local in chamfer with an impressive façade that keeps the rhythm of windows of the consolidated building in the heart of the Salamanca neighbourhood.

Conceived by the Néstor Marcos architecture studio, the restaurant’s decoration is inspired by the Art Deco movement, with a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic based on well-defined lines, sharp contours, and symmetrical shapes. The use of luxurious and novel materials transports us to that atmosphere of freedom and evolution that was lived in the Belle Époque. An impressive restoration project in which Ferrcos has had the privilege of being a part, providing the most suitable materials to realize Néstor Marcos’ design a reality.

The resulting final set is a glamorous and welcoming space, where the ornamentation of the spaces leaves aside functionality and an eclectic style, which aligns with the quality of the gastronomic product to satisfy the pleasures of the most demanding customer.


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