Cool Rooms Atocha

Cool Rooms Atocha is located in an old palace from 1852 in the heart of Madrid’s Las Letras district. Renovated in 2019 by the Antana architecture studio with the interior design of Proyecto Singular, the project is inspired by “the sale of dreams”, that is, in making a palace a home.

Its imposing neoclassical architecture was deeply respected throughout the design and construction process. From the study Proyecto Singular explain that they took as inspiration the mythological figures present in the building as the Greek god Hermes, which symbolizes eloquence, persuasion, prudence, and skill. They also served as a source of inspiration The Greek Muses, daughters of Zeus and timeless symbols of joyful exuberance.

The goal of this rehabilitation was to redefine the concept of a luxury hotel and offer guests a unique experience. A standard hotel room is 30 square meters; the average size of the rooms in this project is an incredible 80 square meters. Each room is like being at home.

The courtyard, with its pool hidden in an oasis of lush vegetation, serves as a refuge in the centre of Madrid, where guests can relax in exquisite surroundings. Ferrcos products have been used to achieve this result.


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