Constellation by Studiopepe

Discover the fusion of functionality and aesthetics with the Constellation bathroom accessories collection, an exceptional collaboration between Studiopepe and Agape. This impressive collection, composed of mirrors and containers embodies the essence of contemporary elegance. Precisely selected Carrara white and Marquina black marble give life to postmodern forms that highlight the sculptural aspect of the stone, as if it had been sculpted by water over time.

Each piece in the Constellation collection reflects attention to detail. The mirrors and containers, available with or without lid, are distinguished by their clean lines and fluid shapes, creating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication in any bathroom space. The brushed natural brass details on the lids and other elements add a touch of warmth and distinction.

They bring a striking and functional look to any bathroom, when placed near the bathtub or on a container, but are also perfect in other parts of the house, when adorning a desk or bookshelf. The Constellation collection redefines the concept of bathroom accessories by combining traditional craftsmanship with Studiopepe’s avant-garde vision, creating a unique and timeless experience in the most intimate space of your home.


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