CEIP Pedro Alonso Niño, Moguer (Huelva)

The CEIP Pedro Alonso Niño in the town of Moguer (Huelva) is an architectural project designed by the studio of architect Miguel Blazquez and built by ECSA in which Ferrcos has had the opportunity to supply the coatings.

The façade, covered with exposed brick and colored canopies, gives the building a warm and contemporary appearance, highlighting the connection with the local building tradition. This material not only provides durability, but also gives a unique identity to the CEIP Pedro Alonso Niño.

Inside, the details come alive through colourful tiling where orange or green predominate in bathrooms and common spaces. This carefully made choice not only adds vitality and creativity to the educational environment, but also reflects the dedication to aesthetics and functionality in every corner of the project.

This project not only stands as an educational space, but as a living testimony of how conscious architecture and choice of materials can positively transform the learning environment.


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