AK/25 by Boffi y Fantini

From the union of the leading companies in the sector Boffi and Fantini, and with the design of the Korean painter and designer Paik Sun Kim, the collection of taps AK/25 is born. A harmonious synthesis of eastern philosophy and contemporary aesthetics. Poetic and light features inspired by art and nature, which takes its reference from the forms of water. A decisive design, essential, with pure and modern lines.

Lightness and poetry are the expressive values of Paik Sun Kim’s architectural products and objects. The influence of his painting studies is manifested in all his projects, a harmonic synthesis of eastern philosophy and modern aesthetics, of art and nature; with strokes and lines that are barely insinuated, but decided, with the widespread use of white and some brushstroke of black.

“Working with him was a real pleasure and AK/25 is the result of the development of that first prototype, a project that fascinated us both for its essential simplicity, as well as for its purity and modernity,” said Daniela Fantini at the presentation of this collection.




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