Time by Barber&Orgerby

The new Time collection is the result of the exceptional collaboration between Mutina and the acclaimed design studio Barber&Osgerby. This series celebrates the essence of time and the evolution of ceramics over the years. Inspired by the rich history and craftsmanship of ceramics, Time’s design fuses traditional elements with a contemporary approach. This collection is […]

Jacqueline by Gessi

La nueva y cautivadora colección de grifería Jacqueline de Gessi redefine los límites del diseño inspirándose en la belleza natural del bambú. En un homenaje a la elegancia y la funcionalidad, esta colección ha logrado fusionar la gracia orgánica del bambú con la precisión y la innovación del diseño italiano. La curvatura natural del bambú se erige como la […]

Limón by Patricia Urquiola

The Limón tap collection designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape Bathrooms proposes fresh geometries for its design. The encounter and coupling with its own circular section, as in the ancient concept of agricultural grafting, has transformed the apparently elementary geometries of Limón into something completely different. A fresh new generation of taps that communicate their […]

AK/25 by Boffi y Fantini

From the union of the leading companies in the sector Boffi and Fantini, and with the design of the Korean painter and designer Paik Sun Kim, the collection of taps AK/25 is born. A harmonious synthesis of eastern philosophy and contemporary aesthetics. Poetic and light features inspired by art and nature, which takes its reference […]